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LG Teases Consumer-Ready 8K TV

LAS VEGAS - In 2015, 4K TVs finally went mainstream, but TV manufacturers are already looking toward what's next. At CES 2016, LG will show off its first-ever 8K television (for consumers, at least), as well as its plans for a new generation of 4K LED TVs with high dynamic range color capabilities.

LG CES 2016 Lineup | Photo Credit: LG

(Image credit: LG CES 2016 Lineup | Photo Credit: LG)

LG detailed some of its offerings for 2016 in a press release, although the company is still saving the bulk of specifics for its press conference at CES.

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The more exciting bit of news is only a teaser at this point. LG described a "production-ready 98-inch 8K super UHD TV" and gave its model number as UH9800. Details such as pricing and release date are still up in the air, although we do know a few things. Like its smaller cousins, it will use an LED screen with HDR Plus (technology that supposedly works better than regular HDR) and advanced color filters. The system will run on the webOS 3.0 smart software, which will give users instant access to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

The Super UHD series will also include three smaller 4K designs: the UH9500, the UH8500 and the UH770. Each model will have a variety of sizes available, giving the whole lineup a range of 49 to 86 inches. In addition to HDR Plus, each set will feature Color Prime Plus and True Black Panel, which LG claims can represent colors and blacks with more fidelity than competing LED sets. These models will also run on webOS 3.0. Although there are no prices available yet, LG claims that the systems will start shipping in "early spring."

Once CES 2016 gets underway in full, Tom's Guide will go hands-on with these new televisions and see how they stack up. LG appears to be bringing some innovative designs to the TV market, but then again, so will many of its competitors.

Marshall Honorof

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