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LG's G6 Is Now Unlocked — And Cheaper

Samsung's Galaxy S8 isn't the only high-profile Android phone to become available unlocked this week. One of the S8's most formidable challengers is now unlocked, too, and you save up to $100 depending on where your order it from.

Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide)

LG said today (May 12) that you can now buy an unlocked version of its G6 flagship phone. In addition to preordering the phone directly from LG, you can also find it on sale at Amazon and B&H. LG says the unlocked G6 will soon go on sale at Best Buy, too.

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Both Amazon and B&H currently offer the G6 at a discount from the full price LG is charging. As of this writing, Amazon is currently selling the phone for $629 — a $30 discount from the $659 list price at the retailer. B&H offers even greater savings, with the G6 selling for $599.

Getting an unlocked version of the phone usually means a cleaner experience, since your device is free of carrier bloatware. It's not a pure Android experience like what you'd expect from Google's Pixel, since LG makes a few minor tweaks to the Android 7.0 interface. But you won't have to spend a lot of time deleting unwanted apps a carrier put there.

Another advantage to getting an unlocked version of a phone is that you can switch carriers with greater ease. Carriers prefer that you buy phones in monthly installments, which ties you to that carrier for the next 24 months. By buying an unlocked phone outright, you can switch cellphone providers at will whenever a better deal comes along.

Since its release in March, the LG G6 has established itself alongside the Galaxy S8 and Pixel as one the premier Android smartphones. While Samsung's phone offers a sleeker look and a more colorful display, the G6 measures up well, thanks to dual rear cameras, compact design and a much more attractive price tag.

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