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LG G6's Extended Screen Could Be a Gamer's Delight

The 5.7-inch screen on the newly unveiled LG G6 is clearly designed with videos in mind. But LG would like to remind you that the phone's ideal for gaming, too. And it's willing to put its money where its immersive screen as.

In a promotion for the newly unveiled phone, LG is offering anyone who buys a G6 the G6 Game Collection. The promotional bundle includes in-game content for 6 bundled games — Temple Run 2, Spider-Man Unlimited, , Crossy Road, SimCity BuildIt, Cookie Jam and Genies & Gems. The in-app purchases add up to a $200 value, LG says.

The inclusion of Temple Run is especially noteworthy. Imangi, the game's developer, created a new level for the endless runner game, Lost Jungle, that moves the action to a South American jungle setting, complete with giant anacondas and man-eating plants. As part of the G6 Game Collection, owners of the phone will get nearly $50 worth of in-game coins for unlocking content.

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LG is including Temple Run 2 in its bundle to show off the 18:9 aspect ratio of the G6, and playing the game at a G6 launch event in Barcelona today (Feb. 26), it's easy to see the appeal of that extra screen real estate. On the G6, I got to see more of the lush graphics unfolding before me as I sprinted through the jungle, from slithering snakes to a burst of butterflies. Playing both Temple Run 2 and Crossy Road on a 5.7-inch screen certainly gave me a better view of the action than I'm used to on the 4-inch iPhone SE I normally carry around with me.

I'm a little more skeptical about LG's claim that you'll be able to game one-handed, thanks to the G6's comparatively slim design. I still found myself holding the phone with one hand and swiping with the other to make Guy Dangerous jump and duck, just to have better control. That said, the G6 is the rare big-screen phone that can comfortably fit in one hand, as my colleague Sam Rutherford reported in his first look at the LG G6.

There's more to the LG G6's large screen than just gaming, of course. Support for HDR and Dolby Vision make it an ideal device for watching movies and binging on TV shows. And as LG's Ian Hwang noted during the G6 launch event, the extended screen delivers 11.3 percent more information — ideal for tasks like reading email or scrolling through websites. But the gaming is certainly a nice side benefit, and the G6 Game Collection promises to be a welcome add-on for phablet fans who also enjoy a good casual game.

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