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Watch: Leap Motion's Cheap AR Headset Boasts Amazing Hand Tracking

Leap Motion, the hand-tracking company known for gesture technology in VR, has revealed an augmented reality developer kit, with open source hardware and software to make cheap headsets with accurate hand-tracking on board.

Credit: Leap Motion

(Image credit: Leap Motion)

The kit is called Project North Star, and the company says a headset would cost just $100 to "produce at scale." That could mean very affordable AR headsets. Of course, they would include Leap Motion's gesture tech.

Leap Motion isn't selling or producing these itself, but instead releasing the hardware specifications and software under an open source license next week, the company wrote on its blog.

The reference design uses a pair of 3.5-inch LCD screens that refresh and 120 fps with 16600 x 1440 resolution and a field of view 95-degrees high and 70 degrees-wide. Leap Motion's tracker is just above the eyes and can track your hands up to 180 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

Over the last few weeks, Magic Leap creative director and vice president of design Keiichi Matsuda has been posting tweets of AR using advanced hand-tracking, and now we finally know why.

This doesn't appear to be competing with larger experiences like Microsoft's Hololens, but instead meant for smaller, more intimate AR experiences. You can see the full technical specs (and they get deep in there with the design) on Leap Motion's blog, here.