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Keyboardio Favors Thumbs, Eliminates Mice

Remember the good old days (1972 or thereabouts) when you could control everything on your computer with only a keyboard? Keyboardio does, and has designed a peripheral with those who eschew mice in mind. The Keyboardio keyboard puts critical controls at a user's thumbs and aligns the keys in a way that should reduce stress to the fingers.

Jesse Vincent and Kaia Decker, the two minds behind Keyboardio, believe that modern keyboards, for all their bells and whistles, still have the fundamentals wrong. Most keyboards, they wrote, are "uncomfortable, unattractive and poorly made." The peripheral has a butterfly shape, which presses the letter and number keys closer together, but also lets a user's thumbs do most of the heavy lifting with Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Delete toward the bottom of the device.

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An Engadget hands-on revealed Vincent's plans a bit further: He believes that the oddly shaped device might replace a traditional computer mouse. By using the W, A, S and D keys as a cursor and other keys to jump the cursor to various areas of the screen, Vincent thinks that users could save their wrists a lot of strain by staying put rather than jumping to and from mouse and keyboard.

Either way, Keyboardio is probably only for the enthusiast crowd, at least at the moment. Vincent claims that the device will ship with "source code and a screwdriver," letting users modify both the hardware and the software to see if they can improve it. Out-of-the-box, it will feature Bluetooth connectivity and quiet mechanical keys.

Keyboardio has no set price or release date yet, but you can sign up for updates on its website. Tom's Guide will check it out firsthand as soon as we get the opportunity.

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