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The Jaguar E-Type Zero Is the Most Amazing Electric Car Yet

Forget all Teslas. Trash all the electric SUVs from the future. Scratch out all the best electric cars.

After the new all-electric Jaguar E-Type Zero starts to come out of the Jaguar Land Rover factories at the end of 2019, no other car would be able to compete with this piece of elegant metal, what Enzo Ferrari--the founder of the legendary eponymous Italian car manufacturer--once called “the most beautiful car in the world.”

Coming from the guy who made the stunning 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO and dozens of the most incredibly beautiful cars of the 20th century, that’s quite the compliment. And Enzo was probably right--even if the E-Type is not the most beautiful, it is the epitome of elegance on four wheels.

The announcement--made last week at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, which is held annually since 2009 at Carmel, California--comes one year after the British automobile manufacturer introduced the concept as one single car: Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero.

The success of that one-of-a-kind built was so big that the firm is now going to sell them starting in 2020, while also offering an EV conversion service to existing E-Type owners (which is good news because the original E-Type was as beautiful as it was prone to mechanical failures).

The car will sport an all new carbon fiber and aluminum interior, a classic steering wheel, and huge digital touch screen. Its guts--taken from Jaguar’s all-electric i-Pace SUV--feature an 40kWh battery pack that fits perfectly where the original engine was.

In fact, this vehicle has the same weight and size as the original, which apparently will keep the E-Type’s driving behavior intact. Well, except for the acceleration, which will be infinitely higher, thanks to the electric powertrain's insane torque.

The price tag will also probably be insane, but it hasn't been announced yet.

Photos credit: Jaguar