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iPhone X Teardown Reveals a First for Apple

Apple's iPhone X might has an all-new design on the outside, and the company's handset has a new look on the inside, too, according to a teardown from iFixit.

Credit: iFixit

(Image credit: iFixit)

During its iPhone X teardown, iFixit discovered a first for Apple: a dual-battery design. Historically, Apple has always offered a single battery pack in its iPhones. In the iPhone X, however, the company has opted for two battery cells to deliver long-lasting battery life throughout the day. The batteries are arranged in an L shape to make room for other components.

Upon further inspection, iFixit found that the iPhone X's logic board, which houses some of its most important components, is far more "space efficient" than some might think. In fact, it's about 70 percent the size of the motherboard inside the iPhone 8 Plus. That, in turn, leaves far more space for the batteries and other components.

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In order to reduce the size of that board, Apple actually folded it in half, iFixit revealed. It's the first time that Apple has double-stacked the iPhone's logic board since the company's first handset was released in 2007. As cool as that might be, iFixit noted that it makes it harder to repair the board if something goes wrong.

Once it broke open the handset, iFixit was able to identify which chipmakers built the components inside the iPhone X. The company found that Qualcomm has gotten the nod in many cases, thanks to an LTE transceiver and LTE modem. Broadcom is delivering the touch controller and NXP is handling the handset's near-field communication. Toshiba is powering the Flash memory and the audio amplifier comes from Cirrus Logic.

According to iFixit, the iPhone X ships with a 10.35Wh battery, just a bit bigger than the 10.28Wh option. The Galaxy Note 8, by comparison, has a whopping 12.71Wh battery.

Ultimately, iFixit determined that the iPhone X isn't a very fixable device if you end up breaking it and received a score of 6 out of 10 in the company's repairability rating. The iPhone X got high marks for easy display and battery repairs, but was dinged for having glass on both sides that will cause a costly repair if cracked.