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Big iPhone X Plus Leak Makes the iPad Look Redundant

The iPhone X Plus won't just be huge at a reported 6.5 inches. It will do a lot more with its screen real estate than the 5.8-inch Phone X, which could make you second guess buying an iPad.

Credit: iHelpBR

(Image credit: iHelpBR)

Brazillian developers at a site called ihelpbr discovered in the latest version of the iOS 12 Beta that there's a split-screen mode when you set the resolution to 2688 x 1642, as reported by Wccftech.

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This is the same resolution that Bloomberg reported back in February. At the time, the publication said that "the larger screen should especially appeal to business users, letting them write emails and manage spreadsheets on a screen about as big as a small tablet." Bloomberg also said that the iPhone X Plus could cannibalized tablet sales, and that could very well happen.

in iOS 12 5 Beta, the software shows a split-screen mode that works in various apps. For instance, in the calendar you can see your month view on the left and today's agenda on the right. In the Contacts app, you can review the details of one contact on the right while seeing your full list of contacts on the left. And it's a similar scenario for Messages, with the list of messages on the left and the current message on the right.

With a screen size close to 7 inches, some may balk at spending money for a 9.7-inch iPad, but the iPad still has some unique advantages. This includes support for the Apple Pencil, as well as a handy macOS-like dock and a Split View mode for viewing two different apps at the same time.

Apple will likely keep these software features for the iPad, but it would be nice to see at least Split View makes its way to the iPhone X Plus.