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You Can Now PayPal Your Friends With Siri: Here's How

Thanks to Siri, iPhone and iPad owners can now send money to friends without lifting a finger. Apple's voice assistant now works with popular payment app PayPal, allowing you to send or request money with a quick shout — perfect for last-minute holiday gifting. 

According to a company blog post, PayPal's Siri integration is available today (Nov. 10) for those on iOS 10. Using the payment service with your voice is incredibly simple; just say something like "Hey Siri, send Bob $30 using PayPal," and you'll see a small card pop up asking you to confirm your transaction.

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Naturally, you'll need the latest version of the PayPal iOS app installed and set up on your iPhone or iPad for it to work correctly. The feature works across 30 countries including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Spain, so it should be easy to send and receive money to and from friends around the world.

Siri's PayPal integration is a result of Apple opening up its virtual assistant to third-party developers with the launch of iOS 10. You can already use Siri to make restaurant reservations via OpenTable or hail a ride from Uber, just to name a few examples.

The ability to PayPal friends via Siri comes just in time for the holiday season, making it a useful tool for sending last-minute monetary gifts or paying your buddies back for a shopping trip. According to PayPal, customers transferred $41 billion dollars across the company's services last year, and PayPal expects there to be over 17 million peer-to-peer transactions this December.