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iPhone 8 Up Close: Is This the Final Design?

In what might be one of the more interesting iPhone leaks in recent memory, a Reddit user has published images of what appears to be the upcoming iPhone 8.

Credit: Reddit/Kamikasky

(Image credit: Reddit/Kamikasky)

A Reddit user going by the name "Kamikasky" on Monday (June 12) posted images of what could be the panels for Apple's upcoming iPhones. The images, which were obtained by the person's "friend in the industry," seem to follow the latest iPhone 8 rumors, including talk of the iPhone 8 having a screen that covers nearly the entire front of the design.

According to the Reddit poster, whose findings were earlier reported on by 9to5Mac, the images leaked from a Chinese manufacturing facility.

The first image shows the front and back panel of what is believed to be the iPhone 8. The front panel shows a thin bezel around the screen and no space for a physical home button. At the top, a small black area houses the front-facing camera and earpiece.

On the back of the case sits the Apple logo and a dual-lens camera vertically arranged instead of a horizontal arrangement you'd find in the iPhone 7 Plus. Perhaps most importantly, there appears to be no hole for the iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. That, coupled with no spot for the sensor on the front of the handset, suggests Apple is indeed considering a fingerprint sensor baked directly into the display -- a feature its competitors, including Samsung's Galaxy S8, don't offer.

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The second image shows the same case, but is flanked by two other back panels of what appear to be the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Those cases appear to come with the same designs as the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Of course, the images need to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, since they can be easily doctored and there's no way to verify their authenticity. However, they do follow many of the rumors we've been hearing, including Apple's intention to offer three handsets, deliver a new design in the iPhone 8, and bake the fingerprint sensor into the handset's screen. They also appear to be the same components we've been seeing in recent leaks.

One other tidbit from the leak: it's possible the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus come with wireless charging. That would make them the first iPhones to support the feature.