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iPhone 8 May Be Delayed Because of This

It's been called the iPhone 8, the iPhone X and the iPhone Edition. Whatever Apple winds up naming its super flagship phone, it looks like it's going to arrive later than many hoped.

Credit: Marques Brownlee/YouTube

(Image credit: Marques Brownlee/YouTube)

TechCrunch is reporting that of the three new iPhones Apple will announce Sept. 12, "the more expensive, fancier version will ship at a later time." How much later, you ask? The site's sources didn't reveal that information, but many expected the trio of new phones to go on sale Sept. 22.

What does seem clearer, thanks to a separate report from The Wall Street Journal, is the reason for the staggered launch. Make that reasons.

Apple apparently had to halt production for a month while it tried to figure out a way to integrate a Touch ID sensor into the iPhone 8's OLED screen. The company reportedly scrapped those plans, and will instead turn to 3D face scanning to unlock the device.

The OLED screen itself has also proved problematic, the WSJ says, because the "iPhone's display module has the touch panel outside of the display," while Samsung's own phones like the Galaxy Note 8 have screens whose display and touch panel are integrated. Samsung is said to be the main supplier of the panel.

This is far from the first time we've heard about potential iPhone 8 delays. In fact, we've seen projected shipment dates being floated around as late as November. But since these reports are coming so close to the launch event, they carry a lot more weight.

Will the iPhone 8/X/Edition be worth the wait? Based on numerous iPhone 8 rumors, it certainly seems like the most exciting iPhone yet, with an all-new design, edge-to-edge screen, wireless charging and (hopefully) groundbreaking augmented reality features. But the highest-end iPhone is also expected to carry a price tag that could reach $1,000, which may cause some to think twice.

We'll bring you our hands-on impressions of all of the new iPhones Sept. 12, as well as the other products Apple is expected to launch, including an Apple Watch 3 with LTE and 4K-capable Apple TV.

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