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Apple Pulls iOS 8.0.1 (Update)

After just a week in the wild, Apple's iOS 8 has received its first software update. Available today (Sept. 24), iOS 8.0.1 fixes a major HealthKit bug while refining some iOS 8 features. However, a data usage update has lead some users to lose cellular service entirely, so you may want to hold off on installing it.

UPDATE: iOS 8.0.1 has been pulled by Apple. If you've already downloaded the update, you can restore your device back to iOS 8.0 by connecting it to your PC or Mac, opening iTunes and selecting Restore. (via iMore)

This data "fix" was intended to prevent unneeded data usage when someone receives a text message, but multiple Twitter users were reporting that the update was giving them a seemingly permanent "No Service" status. Users with an iPhone 5s and up were also reporting that Apple's Touch ID fingerprint reading system was no longer working after the update.

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iOS 8.0.1 might render your iPhone near-unusable, but hey, at least it fixes HealthKit, Apple's highly touted fitness app hub. A day one bug led to HealthKit-ready apps being pulled from the App Store, but the update's change notes claim that "HealthKit apps can now be made available on the App Store." We're not sure when that will be, but they're coming.

The rest of iOS 8.0.1's changelog reflects mostly minor updates, including fixes to a bug that causes third-party keyboards to disappear when you enter your passcode. The update also improves Apple's new Reachability feature, which lets you bring apps closer to your thumb to accommodate for the bigger screens on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Shortly after its launch, iOS 8.0.1 was pulled due to technical errors. We're not sure when you can look forward to these new fixes without losing cell service, so stay tuned.

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