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Here's Every Single New Emoji in iOS 12.1

The new iOS 12.1 update is here and it comes with some major features — and that includes a new batch of dumb emojis to illustrate our dumb text messages. Well, not so dumb, because there are some pretty damn great additions.

We have collected them all, the new 70 emojis and all their variations.

Just check out some of the much needed emojis. There is a raccoon at last! And a llama! Who doesn’t love raccoons and llamas? People love them as much as the Honey Badger, also included (ok, it’s a badger, but whatever). And lobster, which can fit in the group animals or food.

Talking about food, there’s the new and improved bagel emoji straight from Brooklyn, New York, the place where Apple presented new iPad Pros, Apple Pencil 2, MacBook Airs, and Mac Minis.

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There are also a bunch of household items so you and your roommates/spouses can discuss about house chores. And for some reason, there’s now hand lotion and toilet paper. You do the math with that — which, by the way, it’s not included in the science section, which includes viruses, DNA, and pretty dishes for all of us science nerds.

There are new emoticons too, including the drunk emoji, which doesn’t look very drunk, to be honest. The “bargaining emoji” is a smiley with big manga-like puss-in-boots eyes.

The new sports are ok. Great if you are a lacrosse or softball fan. That frisbee and the skateboard will make most people happy. The random objects have some worthy additions, like the magnet, the abacus, or teddie bear, although I imagine the bricks will probably be one of the most used ones, accompanied with the good old toilet.

The humans update include all shades for a variety of new styles. Redheads are at last included in Humanity According to Emoji, and so are bald people, curly hair, and white hair people. We need more styles though. Like afros. Apple should get up to speed with the Unicode Consortium, the international organization that decides what could be an emoji and what not.

There are also superheroes and super villains. As well as random legs and feet. I don’t really get the leg thing, but OK. 

You can download the new iOS 12.1 update right now. Just go to Settings in your phone, click on Software Update, and click install.

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