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Hyundai Lets You Command Your Car with Google Home

Would you like to be able to warm up a cold car by asking Google? Or how about locking your car's doors from inside your house without  needing to reach for your keys? You can do both as long as you have a Google Home and one of Hyundai's cars with its Blue Link connected vehicle system.

Why You Should Care?

Did you watch the Jetsons? Being able to tell things what to do is the epitome of the sci-fi future we've been trying to create since, well, forever. And after Hyundai debuted support for Amazon Alexa voice control in late 2016, it was only natural that the car company widen support to include the second-most-powerful voice assistant on the market (sorry, Siri).

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You can even use Hyundai's Blue Link support to have Google Home look up directions, then send those directions to your car without ever actually looking at a map.

Pricing and availability

It's free, and it's available right now. All you need is a Google Home and a Hyundai car with Blue Link, which can be found on most Hyundai vehicles from as far back as 2013.


Starting the car, unlocking the doors and turning on the lights with your voice is just the start. Hyundai says it will continue to add skills to both Google Home and Amazon Alexa over the coming months, and before you know it, you're going to be able to tell your call to pick you up from work. How cool will that be?