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HTC's Mysterious New Phone Begs to Be Squeezed

Recently, HTC has started to morph into the Burger King of smartphone makers. Instead of putting out solid products, HTC has been scrounging around for gimmicks to bring back customers, not unlike such recent BK menu options as Cheetos Chicken Fries and the Fruit Loops Shake.

And based on a teaser for HTC’s next phone, which asks you to “squeeze for the brilliant,” it seems the company is keeping its weird tech train rolling.

Image credit: HTC

(Image credit: Image credit: HTC)

The new phones, which look like the next product in HTC’s U-series phone line is scheduled for a full reveal on May 16 via a livestream on While there aren’t a lot of details to go around, another teaser posted by HTC’s Twitter account features a hand squeezing the sides of the phone and causing mysterious ripples to emanate from the device, which could mean almost anything.

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If unverified reports are correct, the new U could be the rumored HTC “Ocean,” which has been pegged as having a 5.5-inch display, 4GB or 6GB of RAM and 64 to 128GB of storage. The Ocean is also reported to featuring something called “Sense Touch,” which would let users control aspects of the phone by squeezing the sides and edges of the device.

The recent HTC U Ultra was supposed to pack a breakthrough Sense Companion, which was supposed to use AI to learn about you and make your life easier. But that feature won't be available until late April.

To find out which rumors come true, check in to HTC’s livestream on May 16 at 2AM EST.