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How to Get the New PS4 Twitch App

Twitch has been available to PS4 players to stream their games since the get-go, but users were out of luck if they wanted to watch and communicate with other players on other platforms. As of today, PS4 owners will no longer be out of the loop — at least in the Western hemisphere. The new Twitch PS4 app is now available in North, South and Central America, and if you want it, all you need to do is nab it for free from the PlayStation Store.

The update comes from the official Twitch blog, which informs gamers what's new about the PS4 Twitch app. While Twitch integration formerly let users broadcast content and view other PS4 streams, the new program will be much more akin to using Twitch on a computer or mobile device. You'll now be able to watch streams from any system, correspond via chat and follow individual channels. There will still be a section just for PS4 games if that's your jam, though.

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To get the new app, simply visit the PlayStation Store and search for it. You'll only need 54MB of free space. Unfortunately, not everyone will have access to the new Twitch app right away. PS3 and Vita users will need to wait until "later this fall," while there's no solid release date for the new app in Europe and Asia yet. Twitch promises that regions outside the Americas will "follow shortly."

As always, if you want to broadcast on Twitch via PS4, all you need to do is press the Share button.

Marshall Honorof

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