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How to Share Your Location on Google Maps

Lost? Running late? Just around the corner and want to justify that your friends wait in the cold for just another minute? Google Maps will soon let you share your location with others so they'll know just how close — or far — you are.

Credit: Google

(Image credit: Google)

The option is still rolling out to iOS and Android users, so you may not be able to try immediately, but you will soon.

There are two ways to share where you are: either slide open the side panel and choose "Share location," or choose the option after tapping the blue dot that shows where you currently are. You'll be given the option to choose a Google contact to share with or use a link to plug into an SMS or messenger app to share with anyone.

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An icon will let you know that your location is being shared. Those links won't let anyone track you anytime, though: you can turn off tracking whenever you want.

If you're using Google's live turn-by-turn directions, you'll be able to share through that by pressing More>Share Trip.