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Galaxy S8 Too Pricey? Check Out This Sexy Lookalike

The barely there bezels on the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 look sweet, but not everyone has $650 or more to spend on a phone.

Budget smartphone maker Honor has a handset on the way that appears to borrow heavily from those designs, and it will likely cost much less. This could be the Honor 9.

Honor's next phone will likely sport an edge-to-edge design. Credit: Honor

(Image credit: Honor's next phone will likely sport an edge-to-edge design. Credit: Honor)

On its U.K. Twitter page on Monday (Mar. 27), Honor shared a teaser image on Twitter for a handset it plans to announce at a "virtual" press event on April 5 in the U.K. While it didn't share precise details on the smartphone, one of the images shows a device with an exceedingly thin bezel on the left and right sides.

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Additionally, the smartphone has a small bezel at the top and bottom of the screen, apparently leaving no room for a physical home button. It's possible, then, that the device pictured in Honor's promotion might come with a virtual home button that would be controlled through its software.

If all that sounds familiar, it's because the features are nearly identical to what we expect Samsung to offer at its Galaxy S8 event on Wednesday, March 29. That device will also come with a thin bezel at the top and bottom, leaving no room for a physical home button. And its curved screen leaves a bezel-less design to the left and right.

It appears that the design concept will feature prominently in this year's mobile market. At Mobile World Congress this year, LG announced its new G6, which offers a similar design with thin bezels.

However, those devices are generally high-end and this year's handsets in the mid- and lower-end of the market generally come with traditional designs. While it's impossible to know exactly how Honor will price its handset, past device pricing suggests it'll be substantially cheaper than the Galaxy S8 and G6. For example, the Honor 8, which we praised for its Galaxy S7-like looks, costs just $399.

Apple is also reportedly planning to launch a high-end iPhone this year that could come with a similarly thin bezel and a screen that nearly covers the device's entire face. This device, which could be known as the iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPhone Edition, would also nix the physical home button.

Honor didn't share many details about its smartphone, but offered a riddle: "I am fast, I exceed my limits and speed of light is my second name.... What am I?"

We'll find out on April 5.

Don Reisinger is a communications strategist, consultant, and copywriter who has also written for many leading technology and business publications including CNET, Fortune Magazine and The New York Times, as well as Tom's Guide.