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Heartbleed Bug: Information, Advice and Resources

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(Image credit: Linda Parton/Shutterstock)

The Heartbleed Internet security flaw discovered this week continues to affect thousands of websites, and even some Android phones, home wireless routers and embedded devices.

It's likely that this mess won't be cleaned up for quite a while. In the meantime, here are the basics and some useful links.

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Heartbleed basic facts

What's affected:

Some (but not all) secure Web, email, instant-messaging and mobile-app communications

Some (but not all) home wireless routers, printers and firewalls

Some (but not all) Internet networking equipment

Some (but not all) Internet-connected devices running embedded software

Smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean (scroll down for how to check your device status)

Certain Linux desktop distributions, including Ubuntu Linux

What's not affected:

Web, email and mobile-app communications that were never meant to be secure

Windows PCs, Macs, most Linux desktop and laptop machines

iOS devices and most Android devices

What you can do:

Change account passwords for affected websites and services

Install firmware updates for wireless routers, printers and firewalls when they become available

Install updates for devices running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean when they become available

Install updates for Linux desktop distributions when they become available

Heartbleed useful resources

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App and Browser Plugin Check for Heartbleed

First Heartbleed-Based Cyberattacks Discovered

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Heartbleed-Check App for Android Released

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Beware Heartbleed Password-Reset Phishing Scams

Heartbleed: Who Was Affected, What to Do Now

Yahoo Mail and Heartbleed: How to Secure Your Account

'Heartbleed' Bug Kills Security on Millions of Websites

Other resources

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