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Google's Pixel 3 Will Have This Long-Awaited Feature

The upcoming Google Pixel 3 will come with a surprise feature.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Since its release, the Pixel line hasn't offered wireless charging, despite its top competitors, including the Samsung Galaxy line and iPhones, offering it. But a Twitter user with the handle @khoroshev published a video purporting to show the upcoming Google Pixel 3. He placed the device on a wireless charging pad and it started charging the smartphone.

Google has staunchly argued that USB-C can get the job done. It's said that it's a reliable technology that will quickly charge your handset and keep you working. But it looks like the company is jumping on the wireless charging bandwagon.

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True or not, wireless charging has become a standard feature in high-end smartphones. Apple was a a little late to the wireless charging game, but brought it to all of the iPhones it unveiled last year. Samsung has been offering the feature for years. Google ostensibly believes that to keep pace, it needs to take a new tack with charging on the Pixel line.

Of course, it's impossible to say with certainty that the smartphone in the Twitter leak is really the Pixel 3. But @khoroshev has quickly established himself as a reliable Pixel leaker. He previously shared Pixel 3 camera samples.

Google is said to be working on new Pixels it'll unveil later this year (likely October). Some of those reports have said that Google is moving to a glass design, which hinted at a possible wireless charging feature. Glass is typically used as the exterior material whenever wireless charging is planned.

The device in the @khoroshev leak is the same we saw in a recent Pixel 3 unboxing. It comes with a notch at the top and a slightly thicker-than-expected bezel at the chin. It's believed that's the Pixel 3 XL. The standard Pixel 3 model might not come with the same notch design, according to reports.

What's unclear from the video is whether wireless charging will only be available in the Pixel 3 XL or whether it could also come to the Pixel 3.
But we still have a couple of months to go before the Pixel launches. So look for more on this — and other features — in the coming weeks.