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Surprise! Google May Make Its Own Smart Display

Several months ago, it appeared that Google was letting other companies, such as Lenovo and LG, take the lead in creating Smart Displays with Google Assistant built in. However, it now appears that Google could be making one of its own.

These so-called smart displays would compete with Amazon's Echo Show, and deliver information such as news, weather, and directions on tablet-like devices.

Lenovo's Smart Displays. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Lenovo's Smart Displays. Credit: Tom's Guide)

In an interview with Variety, Google vice president Rishi Chandra, who oversees Google's smart home products, said that the company having its own smart display coexist with similar third-party products would be a similar strategy as with its current smart home speakers.

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For example, the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max live alongside the JBL Link 20 and countless other Google Assistant-powered speakers. However, he was less than specific in detailing the company's plans. “I’m not saying we are not going to do it," he said. 

While Google Home (and Google Assistant) is as capable--if not more so--than Amazon's Alexa, it hasn't yet reached the same household penetration as Amazon's Echo products, something Google would like to change. Bringing Nest back in-house, adding products such as the Nest Hello doorbell cam, and making them compatible with Chromecast devices are all part of the strategy. 

While we saw some Google Assistant-powered displays at CES 2018, none of them have yet to reach market; it remains to be seen how practical they will be in everyday use, and what Google could offer that differentiates its product from third-party manufacturers.