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Google Goggles Is Officially Dead

It's a sad day for old-timey Google fans. The Google Goggles app is finally gone. 

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Upon its release in 2010, Google Goggles had exciting potential. It could scan product barcodes and provide more information about those products, extract information from QR codes and recognize everything from famous landmarks to paintings and DVDs. It could even translate foreign language text just from a photo of it. In 2011, it gained the elusive ability to solve Sudoku puzzles.

However, Google has largely abandoned Google Goggles, having neglected to update the app since 2014.

Sound familiar? Goggles is very similar to Google Lens, which Alphabet announced at last year's Google I/O. The main difference, apart from the increased machine learning capability, is that Google Lens is a Google Assistant feature that interacts with Google services, rather than a standalone mobile app like Google Goggles was. 

Screenshot Credit: Android Police

(Image credit: Screenshot Credit: Android Police)

Today, the termination is official. Android Police reports that the entire app has now been replaced by a redirection message.

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"Hello, Google Lens!" the notice reads to anyone who opens the now-defunct app. "Google is going away, but Google Lens is here to help you explore your world. Find products, learn about landmarks, scan text, and more."

A button then directs users to install the standalone Google Lens app. Don't worry, Goggles diehards: You can still grab the previous version of the app from APK Mirror.

A Google spokesperson told Tom's Guide: "“We were seeing double, so we got a new prescription. Google Lens brings a fresh look and the best of Goggles to help search what you see, get things done faster and learn more about what’s around you.”"