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Google Glass Update to Fix Bricked Units

In an effort to quietly fix a problem created by a recent Google Glass update, Google is rolling out yet another update. The company is also apparently replacing units wholesale for those whose units were completely bricked.

Last week, several Glass Explorers found their heads-up displays rendered useless by the XE 16.1 update. Other owners complained of issues of stability and shorter battery life than before after the install. The new update is called XE 16.1.1.

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The update XE 16.1 upgraded the Glass firmware to Android KitKat. It was designed to boost battery endurance, in addition to allowing Android developers to more easily create new apps for Glass. Other improvements include photo bundling, expanded voice commands and reply to Hangouts with a photo. Video calling was an intentional casualty of the update, however. 

To check your Glass for new updates, simply swipe back on the touchpad, tap settings,and swipe to the screen where it shows you device info. Tap that screen to check for updates.

To contact a Glass Guide for assistance, you can read a person via phone, email or through the company's contact form.

Anna Attkisson
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