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Foldable Galaxy X's Release Date Finally Coming Into Focus

Enjoying your shiny new Galaxy S9? That’s great, because the world has already moved onto Samsung’s next flagship smartphone — or, rather, smartphones.

Credit: Samsung, from 2014 concept video

(Image credit: Samsung, from 2014 concept video)

The ridiculous pace of the mobile industry means that already we’re hearing about the South Korean tech giant’s plans to launch its next products. And, if the latest rumors bear out, 2019 could prove to be a big year for Samsung’s mobile division.

A fresh report from business publication The Bell via BGR claims that the Galaxy S10 could launch as soon as January at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Rumblings of a CES launch for an upcoming Galaxy S are nothing new, though they’ve never actually come to pass.

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However, this cycle might be different, and it’s because of Samsung’s other big phone — the foldable Galaxy X. According to The Bell, Samsung is targeting a late February or early March debut for that highly-anticipated product, now codenamed "Winner," at MWC 2019 in Barcelona.

If you recall, the Galaxy S9 bowed at MWC this year, and Samsung has a habit of saving something big for that trade show. But just because the company might have two different high-end handsets to launch in the first half of 2019 doesn’t necessarily mean The Bell’s report outlines the only way for Samsung to address the dilemma.

One of the phones could make it to Barcelona, while the other gets launched at an exclusive event at a later date. Or, Samsung could kill two birds with one stone and roll them out alongside each other, as Apple tends to do with new iPhones. It’s simply too early to tell which direction the company will end up leaning — plus, these plans always have a habit of changing.

Besides, this is the Galaxy X we’re talking about: a device first teased in 2014, that has suffered setback after setback. Samsung hinted it could show this year, until Qualcomm apparently put those dreams to bed in March.

Samsung evidently wants to release the Galaxy X when it’s good and ready, rather have it turn out to be an experiment gone wrong. Admirable as that is, it’s hard to put stock in any news related to the phone’s development at this stage, and that includes its launch. Since the Galaxy S10’s reveal hinges heavily on Samsung’s other plans (and, again, these things are never set in stone), we’re definitely still in the wait-and-see phase here.

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