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First Galaxy S9 Photo Samples Just Leaked

When Samsung announced plans to hold a special Galaxy S9 press event ahead of Mobile World Congress later this month, the company's invite had a caption that said, "The Camera. Reimagined." Now we have some images that shed light on what that could mean.

Credit: Weibo/BGR

(Image credit: Weibo/BGR)

A leaker at China's Weibo, which was earlier reported on by BGR, has published three images of what could be the official press photos to promote the Galaxy S9's camera quality. The first depicts a child on a swing, the second a man jumping into a lake, and the third shows a cat. At first blush, that might not mean much. But each image highlights different features Samsung could be planning for the Galaxy S9.

Take the pic of the swinging child, for instance, Samsung appears to be showcasing the quality of the Galaxy S9 camera's motion detection and fast autofocus. The image of the man jumping into a lake highlights the quality of the lighting and performance in what appears to be lower-light conditions. The picture of the cat illustrates depth-of-field and how well the Galaxy S9's camera can preserve quality from front to back.

Credit: Weibo/BGR

(Image credit: Weibo/BGR)

To be clear, it's impossible to confirm that the images in question are indeed from the Galaxy S9. However, the images appear to be those that would be used in marketing efforts, and the use of the semi-transparent "9" follows the company's use of the number in its invite to media outlets.

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It's also worth noting that Samsung has made clear that this year's Galaxy S9 line will get some nice camera upgrades. Among them, the Galaxy S9 is said to sport a Super Speed Dual Pixel camera with dual apertures. One with would be f/1.5 and the other would be f/2.4.

In addition, the Galaxy S9+ will likely ship with a dual-lens camera, similar to that of the Galaxy Note 8. This would allow the S9+ to offer the same Live Focus feature and take portraits with a bokeh effect.

Samsung is slated to announce its new Galaxy S9 devices at a press event on Feb. 25, a day ahead of Mobile World Congress. The company's smartphone will likely have a nearly identical design to the Galaxy S8, but come with a more powerful and efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. In addition to its new cameras, the Galaxy S8 is expected to deliver enhanced software that uses artificial intelligence to improve the user experience.

Be sure to check back on Feb. 25 to see all of our coverage surrounding Samsung's handset.