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Samsung Is This Nervous About Galaxy S8 Success

Samsung knows you haven't forgotten about the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, so it's taking extraordinary lengths to make you feel comfortable about buying the Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S8 could come with a money-back guarantee. Credit: Slash Leaks

(Image credit: The Galaxy S8 could come with a money-back guarantee. Credit: Slash Leaks)

The Korean tech giant may offer a money back guarantee on the Galaxy S8 when it hits store shelves next month, according to reports out of Korea that were earlier obtained by Sammobile. You'll apparently be able to use your Galaxy S8 for up to three months and, anytime within that period, you can return it for a refund.

While terms of the offer have not been released, and Samsung itself hasn't confirmed its plans, the move would be a big one for the company. In the world of flagship handsets, offering what amounts to a no-questions-asked return policy is practically nonexistent. Offering that policy for the first three months of ownership is even less common.

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Samsung, however, is working with an unprecedented problem. The company last year released its Galaxy Note 7 in hopes of taking on -- and taking down -- the iPhone 7. But after users reported their devices heating up and catching fire, Samsung was forced to recall its first run of handsets. The company then promised the second run would be safe, only to discover that those devices, too, were exploding. At least we got some hilarious Note 7 memes out of it.

Samsung was ultimately forced to discontinue the Note 7 and has spent the last several months on an apology tour. In January, Samsung also announced a new battery policy that it said would mitigate the possibility of another Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

Still, if Samsung is indeed planning to offer a three-month return policy on the Galaxy S8, it must believe that some customers aren't so sure they can trust the company and its devices. Perhaps by offering the return policy, Samsung can allay some fears.

Look for those questions and all the others to be answered at Samsung's Galaxy S8 unveiling on March 29 in New York City.

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