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Leaked Galaxy S8 Looks Amazing Even Behind a Case

Most smartphones these days look the same, but it looks like Samsung is going to seriously shake things up come March 29.

New leaked photos of the Galaxy S8 show off a truly head-turning design, and Samsung's phone is pictured in a clear case, so you're not even getting the full effect.

The almost all-screen Galaxy S8 poses for the camera.. Credit: Slash Leaks

(Image credit: The almost all-screen Galaxy S8 poses for the camera.. Credit: Slash Leaks)

Lining up nicely with the first official looking Galaxy S8 photo from last week, this image from Slash Leaks (by way of The Verge) shows Samsung's upcoming flagship is almost all screen up front, and you'll see that the Home Button is now a software button. Some say this will be called an Infinity Display.

A separate image shows a fingerprint sensor around back, which is in a rather awkward location. It's positioned right next to the camera lens; as we've said previously, that could lead to inadvertent lens smudges.

Given how small the bezels are, it will be interesting to see how Samsung prevents accidental screen touches, an issue some have complained about on the Galaxy S7 Edge. You'd basically need the phone equivalent of palm rejection on a laptop's touchpad.

In recent weeks we've seen what appears to be a working video of the Galaxy S8 and photos that show how you would be able to customize the front buttons on the phone via software, so it's clear that Samsung is thinking hard about how you'll interact with its new design.

As for other Galaxy S8 rumors, the phone is expected to be one of the first to sport Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 chip, which offer more speed and especially better power efficiency. Other features will likely include a new virtual assistant called Bixby and a versatile DeX desktop dock that will allow you to use the S8 with a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse.

But what will really get shoppers excited for the S8 is how it looks, and if the aesthetic we see here is on the money, Samsung is going to make a lot of it.