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Galaxy S8 May Arrive with Special Headphones

The Galaxy S8 may not be the only piece of hardware arriving from Samsung later this spring. A set of wireless, noise-canceling headphones may be coming with the new phone.

Samsung's GearX headphones came out in 2016. (Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide)

Samsung's GearX headphones came out in 2016. (Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide)

Samsung will reportedly offer the headphones alongside its Galaxy S8 this year, according to a tweet by Roland Quandt, who leaks mobile news. Quandt says the headphones will be announced at the same event where Samsung unveils its new Galaxy S8. Earlier leaks suggest that will happen March 29.

Samsung has big plans for the Galaxy S8. Rumored features for the new phone include a dual curved display that could top out at 6.2 inches, a built-in personal assistant called Bixby and possibly even the ability to plug into a dock and transform into a mobile desktop PC.

Samsung has in the past unveiled accessories alongside flagship handsets, so the idea that it might be doing it again with the Galaxy S8 is no surprise. And an early rumor making the rounds in December also suggested that wireless headphones would be part of the Galaxy S8 launch. Of course, when that rumor first emerged, it appeared that the Galaxy S8 might ship without a dedicated headphone jack — subsequent leaked images suggest that there will be a 3.5mm audio jack on the S8, though.

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Quandt fills in a few more details about the rumored headphones, which will feature active noise canceling like the kind available in Samsung's wired headphones. Samsung has said that its active noise canceling can reduce ambient noise by up to 20db. The wireless versions will reportedly come with a microphone to allow you to make phone calls while you're wearing them.

The wireless Samsung headphones, which will undoubtedly invited comparisons to Apple's AirPods, which were also announced alongside its iPhone 8 last year, will come in several colors, Quandt says, including black, silver, red, and green. He puts the price of the headphones at €130, which would be $139 for U.S. consumers.

Samsung hasn't said what its plans might be for future headphone releases, and likely won't comment on those plans until it's ready to unveil something later this year.