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Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Sensor Could Be in Worst Location

Samsung has reportedly moved the location for its Galaxy S8's fingerprint sensor -- and it doesn't look even close to ideal.

A Galaxy S8 leak shows the fingerprint sensor next to the camera. Credit: Weibo

(Image credit: A Galaxy S8 leak shows the fingerprint sensor next to the camera. Credit: Weibo)

The folks over at Phonearena recently published two images of cases that reportedly work with the upcoming Galaxy S8. The cases, which were originally leaked on China's Weibo, show a big hole towards the top and center that will accommodate the device's rear-facing camera. Next to it sits another hole that the leaker says will allow for access to the device's fingerprint sensor.

This placement would match up with multiple Galaxy S8 rumors we've seen, as well as schematics that leaked last week.

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The idea of placing a fingerprint sensor next to the rear-facing camera lens might is rather odd. In that location, it won't be hard for greasy fingers searching for the sensor to smudge the rear camera's lens. And since the Galaxy S8 might be a tall handset to accommodate its big screen, some folks might have trouble organically reaching the sensor on the back.

Those potential concerns are part of the reason other Android device makers that bundle fingerprint sensors in their devices place them on the back but far away from the camera. On the LG G5, for instance, the fingerprint sensor is below the camera and not on the same plane.

The rumors also suggest that Samsung has nixed the home button in favor of a sensor that lives under the screen and lets users return home. The move, which has not been confirmed by Samsung but has shown up in countless case and chassis leaks over the last several weeks, has caused some to wonder where the Galaxy S8's fingerprint sensor might reside now that it won't be accessible from the front.

Samsung hasn't confirmed its sensor plans and likely won't until it unveils all of its new handset's details sometime in March or April. But as the number of image leaks and rumors pile up, some of these reports are becoming easier to believe.

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  • The34Car
    There's always been a finger sensor located right beside the camera lens for biometric stuff like heart rate, stress level, etc.