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Galaxy S8 Looks Gorgeous in Last-Minute Leak

Samsung's official Galaxy S8 unveiling is just two days away, but the rate of leaks related to the upcoming handset isn't slowing down.

The Galaxy S8 looks pretty stunning if this is the real deal. Credit: Slash Leaks

(Image credit: The Galaxy S8 looks pretty stunning if this is the real deal. Credit: Slash Leaks)

The folks over at Slashleaks have published two new images of what appears to be the Galaxy S8 in action. The first picture shows the handset with its screen on and the other shows the back of the device, which appears to come with a glossy black finish like the Jet Black iPhone 7.

The front image looks identical to the other leaked Galaxy S8 photos of late, as well as the first working video of the phone we saw recently. The device comes with a big, curved screen and has small bezels at the top and bottom. The smaller bezel leaves no room for a physical home button, requiring the device to come with a virtual home button. That virtual button is displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with a virtual back button.

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Also notable, on the left side of the device, you'll find the fourth physical button, which is rumored to be the feature that will turn on the device's virtual personal assistant Bixby. Samsung has already announced Bixby to give a taste of what it does.

The rear of the device also follows several Galaxy S8 rumors we've been hearing over the last few months. For instance, there's a big camera lens on the back that sits next to the handset's fingerprint reader, which needed to move to the back after Samsung ditched the physical home button.

While it's impossible to say for sure whether the handset in the latest leak is the real thing, there's reason to believe it is. The device looks identical to the one that's been pictured in several other leaks and press renderings.

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S8 in late April, and we'll bring you all the news and our hands-on impressions live on March 29.

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  • geolykos
    I hate how they keep insisting on glossy, almost like mirror, finishes on their phones. Worst magnet of fingerprints and the glossy becomes greasy after a few minutes of use.
  • Rob_81
    I think you mean it jas a black back like the s7 12 months ago