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Bixby Voice on Galaxy S8 Off to Shaky Start

Samsung's long-awaited Bixby Voice service is finally finding its way to Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices around the U.S, but should you bother talking to this assistant?

Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide)

Some folks who signed up for the Bixby Voice preview program are now getting access to the service, SamMobile is reporting. Those users say they can now fully access all Bixby Voice features, allowing them to issue voice commands to perform a range of tasks, including searching the Web, analyzing books, and much more.

The Verge gained access to Bixby Voice on Wednesday (June 21) and revealed that Samsung has "real work to do" to get it up to snuff. The site found that the service is slow and can't answer even simple questions accurately. The feature even has trouble with voice dictation.

On the plus side, Bixby Voice can let you tweak settings that would normally require multiple taps, such as changing the screen mode, as well as perform two-step tasks like "Open instagram and post my most recent photo."

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For its part, Samsung says in a notice to those who are getting access to Bixby Voice that the service is in preview and therefore still a little buggy. Samsung is asking those users for patience and saying that it will make improvements to the service once it hears back from them on the quirks they've seen.

And judging by The Verge and user reports, there are many quirks to overcome.

When Samsung's Galaxy S8 was announced earlier this year, Bixby Voice was one of the more anticipated features, allowing you to control the handset with just the sound of your voice. However, Samsung reported the rather disappointing news that the feature wasn't quite ready for primetime and wouldn't launch with the handset.

Soon after, Samsung said that it would bring a beta program to South Korea, but didn't say when it might make the service available stateside.

Samsung last week finally took the wraps off Bixby Voice in the U.S. and said that interested users could sign up for the preview program. Now it's starting to roll out the feature to those who signed up.

But at least the long-sought-after feature is finally available.