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Glossy Black Galaxy S7 Looks Slick in Leaked Photos

Rumors of a new, glossy black Samsung Galaxy S7 appear correct, according to leaked photos.

Earlier this week, the Korea Herald reported the rumor, citing unnamed industry sources, and now, newly-released images on Chinese site Weibo seem to confirm that report. The new S7 phone color is expected to be available in December, in time for the winter holiday shopping season.

Credit: Weibo

(Image credit: Weibo)

The new color appears to be an attempt to nudge up the company's smartphone sales following Galaxy Note 7 fires and explosions and the release of Apple's popular glossy Jet Black iPhone 7.

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It's not likely to make up for the damage to the Samsung's reputation, much less make up for the estimated $2.5 billion it will cost to recall more than a million Galaxy Note 7s, however.

It's also unclear how much consumers will gravitate toward the new offering, especially considering some reports that Apple's shiny black phone is prone to smudging and could be more likely to show scratches when compared with iPhones in other colors.

A few of Samsung's Galaxy S7 models have also caught fire as well, but Samsung says those models are generally safe.