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All Three Galaxy S10 Phone Names Leaked

As we creep up to the expected launch of Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones (expected by mid-March), it appears the company is re-arranging its names for these phones.

Specifically, a new report has leaked all three names of the S10 line, with the rumored 5.8-inch S10 Lite changing to the S10 E.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

As for the other models, Samsung's readying a 6.4-inch Galaxy S10+ and a 6.1-inch Galaxy S10. This news comes from Mobile Fun, which claims it got the information from one of its "long standing suppliers in China," who have been using the S10 E "for screen protector testing." 

But while the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ names seem accurate, we're a little skeptical about the S10 E name, as Mobile Fun has a mixed track record with rumors like this. While Samsung uses the E name in its Galaxy tablet line, it hasn’t been used for the company’s phones.

Credit: Mobile Fun

(Image credit: Mobile Fun)

That's not to say that there won't be an S10 E at all, though, as that might just be a name for certain markets, just not the U.S., where Lite still makes a lot of sense for conveying the smaller, lighter design.

As you can see in the above image, Mobile Fun is also claiming that the S10 E won't have an in-display fingerprint sensor, which it claims will be done "in order to keep the retail price within the budget bracket."