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Galaxy S10 Gets Sized Against S8, S9+, Note 9 and Oppo Find X

Reliable phone leaker Ice Universe has made an interesting video comparing the Samsung Galaxy S10 size with the S8, S9+, Note 9, and Oppo Find X. The good news: It’s smaller than all of them except the S8.

While being roughly the same size as the S8, the Galaxy S10 has a quite bigger screen, thanks to its much reduced bezels. The lack of forehead and the tiny chin makes it into a larger 19:9 aspect ratio display.

Credit: Ice Universe

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The S8 has a 5.8-inch panel while the S10 reportedly uses a 6.1-inch OLED in a similarly sized package.

It also looks like the extremely curved display is indeed gone, replaced by a much gentler curve. Not flat, like the S10 Lite, but much more pleasant than the previous generations.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to be unveiled in late February and is rumored to feature an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, Snapdragon 855 processor and improved cameras (especially in low light).

Just yesterday, we got a first glimpse of what could be a real-world photo of the Galaxy S10, complete with a punch hole in the top right portion of the screen for the front-facing camera. So the S10 rumors are really starting to pick up as we get closer to launch.

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