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Galaxy S10's In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor 'Confirmed'

It looks like a long-awaited feature for Samsung's phones is finally becoming a reality.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

In conversations with its supply partners, Samsung has "confirmed" that it will include an in-display fingerprint sensor in the upcoming Galaxy S10, Korean news outlets are reporting. Those reports suggest Samsung will bundle an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the smartphone's screen that will be supplied by Qualcomm, according to SamMobile, which earlier covered those reports.

Samsung has been rumored for years to be working on a virtual fingerprint sensor. The feature would be baked into the smartphone's screen and analyze your fingerprint when you place it on the device. It would stand in stark contrast to the physical fingerprint sensor Samsung has been placing on the back of its handsets.

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According to several reports, Samsung has been having problems with the reliability of virtual sensors and ultimately needed to ditch the idea in last year's Galaxy S8. The company once again failed to deliver a virtual sensor in last year's Galaxy Note 8 and this year's Galaxy S9, despite reports that those smartphones might get it. There have even been reports Samsung might opt for a virtual sensor in the Galaxy Note 9 slated to hit store shelves this summer.

But recent reports have said that Samsung has turned its attention for a virtual sensor to the Galaxy S10 and would be making its decision soon on whether to include the feature or stick with a physical sensor. It now appears that it's made its decision.

Using an ultrasonic sensor in the Galaxy S10 might be a good idea on Samsung's part. The feature is more reliable and more secure than a standard optical sensor because it sends an ultrasonic pulse to the finger to analyze pores and ridges. It can also use depth to identify a person's fingerprint. That all translates to a lower chance of your fingerprint being duped by a would-be hacker.

Of course, Samsung isn't saying what it has planned for the Galaxy S10 and likely won't until next year when it unveils the device. It's believed that the smartphone will be unveiled at CES in January, followed by a foldable Galaxy X at Mobile World Congress in February.