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Galaxy S10 Getting 5G After All (Report)

Will the Galaxy S10 support 5G networks or not? Samsung said it wouldn't last month, instead saying it was hard at work on another device designed specifically for 5G. However, a new report from Korean business publication The Bell disputes those claims.

Credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's Guide)

While Samsung may still introduce an all-new model with 5G support as its first 5G-capable phone, The Bell claims that Samsung is developing a variant of the yet-unannounced Galaxy S10 Plus with a 5G modem.

To be clear, this theoretically could still be the 5G device Samsung's mobile chief DJ Koh acknowledged in an interview with ETNews around the time Samsung was unveiling the Galaxy Note 9. According to The Bell, the 5G version of the Galaxy S10 Plus would be exactly the same as the regular model, aside from the network aspect.

Perhaps Samsung's first 5G device will be a Galaxy S10 Plus with 5G capabilities, but the company won't market it as such and will instead spin it off as a totally new device entirely. Or perhaps these really are two different handsets we're talking about — one introductory 5G phone that doesn't resemble the Galaxy S10, and another later on that will.

It's also possible that one or more of these early 5G products could be exclusive to Samsung's home market of South Korea. The ETNews reports revealed that the tech giant has agreements in place with carriers in the region to launch exclusive 5G phones. There is a precedent for this, as Android Authority's Hadlee Simons points out: previously, the company delivered versions of earlier Galaxy S flagships that took advantage of emerging LTE Advanced networks, but only in South Korea.

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At this point, it's really too early to tell what Samsung is planning in terms of its 5G rollout, other than the fact that the phone maker is obviously planning something, and it will probably be available next year.

There's also the Galaxy X to be mindful of — that's Samsung's long-rumored foldable phone that's been bordering on vaporware at this point. Or at least it would be, if Koh didn't continually try to remind us that the device is coming out. Most recently, he claimed the phone will be revealed before the end of 2018, with sales perhaps beginning sometime in 2019. The Galaxy X hasn't been linked to 5G capabilities as of yet, but anything is possible at this point.