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Galaxy Note 9 Will Boast Feature We Wish iPhone X Had

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 — but perhaps not the company's Galaxy S9 — will come with this most anticipated feature.

Credit: Jeremy Lips

(Image credit: Jeremy Lips)

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors in a note on Monday (Oct. 9) that he believes Samsung will deliver an in-screen fingerprint sensor in its Galaxy Note 9, a smartphone it plans to release in about a year. He said that Samsung is working on the feature and is soliciting requests from three companies, including Samsung's own Samsung LSI, to supply the component.

SamMobile earlier reported on Kuo's comments.

What's interesting about his claim, however, is that Samsung won't be able to get the fingerprint sensor running in the Galaxy S9, which could make its debut as early as late-February. Instead, it appears Samsung will need more time to get it to work and will therefore wait until the Galaxy Note 9 launches next August or September in order to offer the long-awaited feature.

Samsung was rumored this year to be working on a fingerprint sensor that would sit beneath the screen. However, after failing to get it to work reliably, the company was forced to place a physical fingerprint sensor in an awkward spot next to the rear camera. It was one of the few design problems cited by reviewers.

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Samsung continued to work on solving the problem this year but again couldn't get it to work by the time the Galaxy Note 8 made its debut, forcing the company to again rely on a physical sensor.

Meanwhile, Apple was also rumored to be working on the technology for its iPhone X, only to be similarly thwarted by technical difficulties. Apple, however, ditched the fingerprint sensor entirely, instead relying on a facial scanner called Face ID for biometrics.

Kuo says Samsung isn't giving up and believes the company can have the feature working properly in time for the Galaxy Note 9.