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Galaxy Note 9 Video Spoils Pretty Much Everything

The August release of Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 grows closer every day. But thanks to a new video, we now know a number of details with certainty.

The video, posted by Mobile Fun, shows up-close what the Note 9 looks like, and its features. While the fact that the screen never turned on in the video made us worry this was a dummy unit, Mobile Fun has claimed it did obtain a real unit from "contacts in China."

The phone's design, from the seconds of footage we get, looks very similar to that of the Galaxy Note 8, but with a larger display and smaller bezels. We're shown a dual-sensor camera on the back, and a fingerprint sensor below the camera. (The Galaxy Note 8's is next to its camera). Looks like we will, in fact, have to wait for the S10 to get that in-display sensor

There appears to be a single camera in the front. The top and bottom bezels, though small, are present -- so no camera notch (yet).

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We also caught a glimpse of several buttons on the side, including a large volume control and a smaller button that may be a dedicated Bixby button similar to that of the Note 8. The Note 9 is likely to come with a new "Bixby interface" which could interact with such a button.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The video, if legitimate, confirms much of what we already know about this upcoming phone. We expect that it will have a large display of 6.4 inches and 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and 512GB storage. It will probably incorporate the Snapdragon 845 chip, which also powers the Galaxy S9. It may also ship with an upgraded S Pen with bluetooth connectivity, and a next-generation version of Samsung's voice assistant.

We'll know everything for sure on Aug. 9, when Samsung is set to unveil the device