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Galaxy Note 8's Release Date Could Be August 23

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 will be launching sooner than some reports had suggested. And now we might know exactly when.

Credit: Concept Creator-YouTube

(Image credit: Concept Creator-YouTube)

The tech giant has decided on August 23 as its Galaxy Note 8 launch date, a report from the Korean news outlet The Bell says. The report, which cited sources who claim to have knowledge of Samsung's plans and was earlier discovered by SamMobile, follows another that says Samsung is planning an August unveiling in New York City. That report didn't provide an exact date.

Rumors have been swirling around the Galaxy Note 8 for the last several months. Samsung, which has confirmed it'll launch a Galaxy Note 8 this year, hasn't said when the smartphone might be available.

Earlier this year, many reports pegged the Samsung handset's launch sometime near IFA Berlin in September. IFA has traditionally been a popular place for companies to launch new devices, and Samsung has in the past used the significant attention given to the event to deliver new products.

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However, Apple is expected to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 8 in early September, and it's possible that Samsung wants to preempt that device's launch with one of its own in August. The move could give the Galaxy Note 8 some breathing room between its unveiling and the eventual launch of the iPhone in September.

When the Galaxy Note 8 hits store shelves, it should come with a host of improvements over last year's model, including a safer battery, a larger 6.3-inch screen that nearly entirely covers its face and dual cameras.

Inside, there's some debate over whether the handset will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which is available in the Galaxy S8, or be the first to ship with the rumored Snapdragon 836 chip.

Either way, the Galaxy Note 8 should be one of the more powerful devices when it's released later this summer.

  • emcdonald75
    Where is Samsung's equivalent to iMessage? Also, the Bixby button should have carried the fingerprint scanner until the under the glass fingerprint solution was ready. How big the Galaxy Note 8 is, there should be two speakers. Samsung has to step it up.
  • Kenneth_79
    I will get a lightly used one in 2019 for cheap to replace my Note 4 which was in like new condition when I purchased it last year.