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It Looks Like Samsung Just Leaked Galaxy Note 8's Camera

Samsung might have revealed some details about its upcoming Galaxy Note 8's camera. But it probably didn't want to do it.

Credit: Concept Creator

(Image credit: Concept Creator)

Samsung's Electro-Mechanics division has revealed some details about a dual-camera sensor it's working on, and most reports suggest that sensor will find its way to the Galaxy Note 8.

According to the site listing, which was earlier reported on by SamMobile, the Samsung dual-camera array will come with a "Smart Zoom" feature that will allow for 3x optical zoom. Additionally, the camera will come with a "Refocus" feature that can measure depth on the fly and allow you to blur the background or foreground in a picture after it's taken.

Although the site doesn't reveal the resolution, it does say that the dual cameras should perform well in low-light conditions, thanks to improved sensors that can acquire and absorb light. There are also two new features, called Perspective View and Background effect, that will allow you to tweak pictures after they're taken and make them look far more interesting and appealing than they otherwise might.

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Galaxy Note 8 rumors have been flying fast and furious over the last several months. Those reports suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a design similar to the Galaxy S8, complete with a screen that nearly covers its face. There won't be a physical home button on the Galaxy Note 8, and it should have curved edges flanking its screen.

The big change coming to the Galaxy Note 8, however, is its dual-camera array. Samsung has yet to offer a dual-camera sensor in any of its high-end handsets, making the Galaxy Note 8 the first to come with the feature.

Earlier this summer, Samsung unveiled new camera technologies, including one that has a dual-camera array. That same array is what has found its way to the Samsung site.

However, Samsung has not confirmed that the camera sensor in question will actually be available in the Galaxy Note 8. Most signs, though, suggest it will be.

Look for all of the details on the Galaxy Note 8, including its camera, to be unveiled at the company's New York City press event on August 23. And as always, we'll be there to cover every last detail.

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