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Here's Your Best Look Yet at the Galaxy Note 8's Camera

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is the worst-kept secret in smartphones, and it has once again been featured in a big leak.

Credit: Facebook/Tung Ha

(Image credit: Facebook/Tung Ha)

Facebook user Tung Ha, who has a solid track record of leaking products ahead of their launch, published an image to Facebook of what he says is the Galaxy Note 8's rear-facing camera. The image is up close, however, and doesn't show the rest of the device, so it's impossible to know whether it's indeed a Samsung handset or something else.

The published image, which was earlier reported on by Daily Mail, shows two rear-facing lenses. To their right sits a flash. And like the Galaxy S8, Samsung has again moved the fingerprint sensor to the right of the cameras.

The leaked image follows a host of rumors of late, suggesting Samsung is indeed bringing a dual-lens camera to the Galaxy Note 8. However, there had been some hope that the company would bake the fingerprint sensor into the smartphone's screen. However, Samsung said that the technology wasn't ready due to technical and security problems.

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However, Samsung is also taking design cues from the Galaxy S8, which comes with a screen that nearly entirely covers its face. That leaves few places for Samsung to place the fingerprint sensor.

The company was roundly criticized with its Galaxy S8 by deciding to move the fingerprint sensor directly next to the smartphone's rear camera. The placement made it hard to reach and caused some smudging on the lens. It was hoped at the time that Samsung would move the fingerprint sensor to the middle of the rear panel for easier access.

If the Tung Ha photo is accurate, Samsung is still not providing convenient access to the fingerprint sensor. And it's unclear why the company insists on putting it in what appears to be a poor location.

We should ultimately know for sure what Samsung has planned when it unveils the device next month. Samsung is rumored to be planning to launch the device in August, as well.

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