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Facebook in Your Face: Virtual Reality Apps on the Way

Facebook acquired Oculus VR almost a year ago, but we've yet to see how the social media giant plans to utilize virtual reality for its own website. That could change soon, as Facebook is working on virtual reality apps, as well as building tools for users to make their own.

In an interview with Re/code, Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox confirmed that the company is working on VR software. Cox didn't mention any specific apps that are in the pipeline, but he did cite virtually flying a fighter jet or hanging out in one of Mongolia's yurt houses as two current examples.

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What's even more intriguing is that Facebook doesn't just want to deliver VR content -- it wants its users to, as well. In his Re/code interview, Cox said he envisions a future in which Facebook users can share virtual experiences with one another as easily as we currently share photos and videos.

"You'll do it. Beyoncé will do it," Cox told Re/code, stressing that he'd someday like to see everybody making their own VR content. Cox admitted that it will be a while before everyone has the technology to both create and use virtual reality applications, but the idea of being able to, say, walk a faraway friend through your home via a quick Facebook invite is an intriguing one.

While Facebook has owned Oculus since last year, the VR company has still been working independently on its own projects. Oculus collaborated with Samsung for the smartphone-powered Gear VR headset, and continues to refine its own Oculus Rift headset for an eventual consumer release.

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