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How to Turn Your Facebook Reactions Into Trump, Pokemon and More

Facebook's new reaction emoji are a fun alternative to the like button, but since everyone has the same group of replies, they may not feel unique to you. Developer Rodney Folz has put together a series of "Reaction Packs" that replace the new emoji with themes that reflect your interests.

The Reaction Packs come in the form of Chrome and Firefox extensions (you can download them here) that let you choose from a variety of themes for your new emoji. As of this writing, the packs include the default Facebook reactions, Pokemon, a set based on fictitious Japanese monsters called Soot sprites and another based on the Republican presidential frontrunner and businessman Donald J. Trump.

Here's how to use the Reaction Packs to customize your emoji experience:

1. Go to the Reaction Packs website.

2. Click "Get the Firefox extension" or "Get the Chrome extension," depending on your browser of choice.

3. Add the extension to your browser.

4. Return to the Reaction Packs Website.

5. Click Use this Pack under the pack you want to use. You'll see a page telling you if its successful.

6. Go to Facebook. All of your likes will have your new theme.

If you ever want to change your theme, just return to the Reaction Packs site and pick a new one. Note that this won't change your reactions on your phone, and Facebook on smartphones doesn't support Web browser extensions.