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Watch This: EyeLock's Iris Scanning Comes to Laptops

LAS VEGAS—There's fingerprint recognition and face recognition, but how about iris recognition? EyeLock, the company behind the Myris iris-scanning security camera, showed off a miniaturized version of its technology embedded in a laptop at CES. 

Iris scanning works by using two infrared cameras to scan a person's iris; according to the company, no two irises are the same. EyeLock's app then matches your iris to one stored in its memory (locally, and not on a remote server somewhere) to verify your identity. The app then unlocks your computer.

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In addition to unlocking your notebook, EyeLock's technology can also be used to automatically enter passwords for Web sites and apps, which significantly reduces the hassle of trying to remember all those codes. And, because you're not typing anything, it also prevents keyloggers from getting your login credentials.

In the demo at CES, using EyeLock was a simple matter of moving your face close to the camera; the notebook opened to the Windows desktop almost immediately. Similarly, it entered the username and passwords for Web sites just as quickly. I can see this technology being not only secure, but time-saving as well.

Currently, EyeLock sells the Myris, a $279 device the size of a hockey puck that plugs into a notebook and accomplishes the same task. Introduced at CES last year, it's a very secure method for keeping the contents of your notebook safe. However, using it requires an extra peripheral, which can be cumbersome for business travelers. 

Currently, EyeLock's camera for notebooks is still in the prototype phase. However, the company partnered with Wistron in November to begin embedding its technology in PCs, set-top boxes, and other consumer and enterprise devices. It's a smart step forward in terms of notebook security, but it will probably be a while before it overtakes fingerprint identification as the primary means of keeping your data safe using biometric technology.