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Ergonomic Gear For A Better Life

Same Notebook, More Glass

Here’s the stand finally set up on my desk. At any given time, I usually have at least a dozen open applications, some more needed at the moment than others. For example, I’ll usually tuck Outlook behind another window but leave just enough of it peeking out to show me if a new message has come in. I find this more reliable than taskbar alerts. Because I do so much document work, I turned my Samsung into portrait orientation to see more of my document at once.

Now, I know many of you are principally laptop users, so I came prepared there, as well. Notebooks are even more of an ergonomic disaster. Keyboards are narrower. Screens are lower. What they win in convenience they lose in ergonomic friendliness, unless you tack on a few peripherals and get smart with your desk setup. And if you want to get the efficiency benefits of going dual-monitor, consider something like Ergotron’s Neo-Flex Combo Lift Stand ($179). Also capable of 5" of lift and 30 degrees of tilt, this unit clears your desk while boosting productivity. Check out this 15-minute build.

Easy stuff. Unpack, then attach the main column to the base. Four more screws attach the crossbar to the main column.

Your notebook sits on an angled tray. Mount the tray to the crossbar on whichever side you please. Next, mount the monitor attachment bar to the crossbar.

Finally, it’s time to attach the VESA bracket mounting, just as we did with the LX stand. Screw it on, then use the tightening knob to clamp the monitor onto the upright attachment bar. Cable manage as you see fit, then, believe it or not, you’re done. It’s almost too easy.

William Van Winkle is a freelance editor and tech journalist who has been writing for more than 20 years. His work has appeared on Tom's Guide, Tom's Hardware, Tom's IT Pro, AMD, Seagate, Computer Shopper, and more. He is also an author, writing poetry, short stories, and science fiction and fantasy books.