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How to Delete In-App Content on iPhone

Not all of your iPhone apps are free space eaters, but they could become that way depending on how you use them. From digital bookstores like Newsstand and ComiXology to creation tools like Garageband, your favorite apps can quickly flood your internal storage based on how much content you buy or create within them. Using Newsstand, iBooks, Garageband and ComiXology as some prominent examples, here's how to delete in-app content on your iPhone.

Deleting In-App Content on Newsstand

1. Open Newsstand.

2. Press and hold on any of your magazines until all icons begin to shake.

3. Tap the "x" bubble at the top left of the magazine you'd like to delete.

4. Select Delete.

Deleting In-App Content on GarageBand

1. Open GarageBand.

2. From the My Songs menu, press and hold on a song until all icons begin to shake.

3. Tap the trash can icon at the top of the screen.

4. Select Delete Song.

Deleting In-App Content on ComiXology

1. Open ComiXology.

2. Select My Books.

3. Select Edit.

4. Check off any titles or series you'd like to get rid of.

5. Select Delete from the top right of the screen and tap Delete when prompted.

Deleting In-App Content on iBooks

1. Open iBooks

2. From the Library screen, select Edit.

3. Tap any books you'd like to get rid of.

4. Select Delete from the top left of the screen.

5. Choose "Delete From All Devices" to get rid of the book(s) on all of your iOS devices, or "Delete This Copy" just to remove it from your iPhone.

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