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No More Black Spots! BT Complete WiFi Opened Up to More Users

BT’s Complete WiFi package is being expanded after a ‘huge success’ at launch, meaning that its guarantee of full house coverage is available to more potential customers.

Credit: BT

(Image credit: BT)

Complete WiFi is an addition to BT’s fastest broadband packages for UK users with fibre connections, originally launched in November 2018.

It uses a newly designed WiFi hub and WiFi extension discs (they’re like WiFi extenders, but they all use the existing signal rather than creating a parallel one). You then position these in your house, according to BT’s companion app’s analysis of where the equipment will perform best.

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BT promises that it will not only boost your connection speeds by 25%, but eliminate all connection black spots in your house. If it fails to do so the first time around, BT will send you up to two more extension discs (for free) to boost the signal further. If they still don’t work, then you can apply for compensation, or just cancel your contract.

Previously, this deal was only open to existing members of BT Plus, BT’s combined WiFi and 4G router package. Now however, new customers buying fibre broadband from the ISP can pay extra to get the Complete WiFi additions as well, including that big promise of wall-to-wall coverage.

If you’re tempted by this offer to switch your broadband contract, then Complete WiFi will cost you an additional £10 on top of the standard monthly costs for one of BT’s three fibre broadband connections, which have basic costs of between £35.99 to £55.99 a month.

If you are already part of BT Plus, then it’s £5 extra. If reliable full house connectivity really matters to you, or you just can’t quite get your router signal to stretch to all the corners of your home, then Complete WiFi is definitely something you should investigate.