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AT&T's Netflix Rival Could Bundle in HBO for $17 Per Month

If you've kept your ears close to the ground on streaming news rumors, you're probably aware that WarnerMedia is expected to launch a digital streaming service later this year, which will feature HBO. And we've just learned it will cost as much as $17 per month.

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(Image credit: pixinoo/Shutterstock)

That's 2.8 times the price of Hulu ($5.99 per month) and 2.4 times the price of the upcoming Disney Plus. This news come from a Wall Street Journal report, which notes that AT&T (WarnerMedia's parent company) is considering pricing this service as low as $16.

And while Netflix — currently $13 per month for HD — isn't cheap, WarnerMedia's package might help the big red streaming machine look cheap by comparison. Especially if HBO struggles to find its next Game of Thrones.

But in the defense of this unnamed service, the "big deal" here is that WarnerMedia is going to throw in Cinemax and the Warner Bros. TV and movie library. When compared to subscribing to both HBO and Cinemax via Amazon Channels, the Warner service would provide a savings of up to $8 per month.

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What's unclear is if Warner Bros.' DC Comics content, its DCEU feature films and DC Universe shows, will be involved, or if those shows will even survive the year. A Deadline report claims that "DC Universe is being reevaluated following the completion of AT&T acquisition of Time Warner as WarnerMedia has put an emphasis on the launch of a new streaming platform," as it wouldn't make sense for one company to support multiple services. Select shows, such as the well-regarded Titans and Doom Patrol might make it onto WarnerMedia's platform.

All of those services add up, though, as the Journal cites a Magid Research report claiming cord-cutters are only "willing to pay for about six different services that cost a total of about $38." Oh, and while you're doing your mental math, remember that we don't even know how much Apple TV Plus will cost when it launches this fall.

We still have barely heard anything official about this service. In March, a SXSW panel that was expected to reveal details about WarnerMedia's plans was cancelled when exec Kevin Reilly bowed out after massive internal shakeups at WarnerMedia.

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