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AT&T Just Made It Cheaper to Get 'Free' HBO

AT&T just made it easier for customers to watch Game of Thrones, Ballers, and all the other HBO programming you might care about.

Credit: HBO

(Image credit: HBO)

Stating on Friday, AT&T customers with an unlimited plan through the carrier's network will get free access to HBO, the company confirmed on Tuesday (Sept. 12). Those who have an HBO subscription already will get a $15 credit on their monthly AT&T bills, according to BGR. If you don't already have an HBO subscription, you'll be able to sign up for the HBO Go app and access the content there.

AT&T is in a battle with other carriers to attract customers to its unlimited plans. The first front in that battle was on price, where the company has offered starting prices of $60 a month on unlimited data. Now, though, AT&T is battling others over content. Last week, T-Mobile announced that select unlimited customers can get a free Netflix subscription.

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This HBO deal bolsters AT&T's content lineup, which already includes access to its DirecTV Now streaming service.

Due in large part to T-Mobile's "Un-Carrier" movement that aimed to deliver less restrictive packages, most of the major carriers ahve doubled down on unlimited plans. Boosting their network infrastructure and capacity has also helped in that effort.

AT&T will start offering its HBO freebie on Sept. 15. You can sign up after getting an unlimited plan.

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