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Asus ROG G20CB PC Packs Intel Skylake, Lights Up to Music

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Want your gaming desktop to look just as good as your in-game character while packing plenty of power? Asus' latest gaming PC delivers Intel's sixth-generation Skylake CPU and DDR4 RAM technology in a sleek, sick-looking package. The G20CB, a new version of the G20, will be available in Q3 or Q4 this year (depending on region) for a starting price of about $1,000. The existing G20 desktop will remain available as a separate configuration.

During my brief time with the G20CB at Computex, I was so struck by the device's intricate cutout design and bold red accents that I forgot to look at the two monitors it was hooked up to for the actual content. The screen on the left displayed the computer's performance statistics, such as CPU and RAM usage, while the right monitor showed a racing game that was running smoothly.

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Similar to the original G20, the G20CB has customizable LED lights that can display up to 8 million colors. As music played from the G20CB, its lights jumped in tandem, going up and down along its vertical axis as the sound got louder and softer. Using the company's Aegis II software, you can customize the hues and set it to show a specific shade depending on what performance zone your computer is in, or have colors pulse in and out.

You can also record, edit and share your gameplay or live stream your fragging sessions with the Aegis II software. New to the G20CB is a transparent panel on the right side, which shows off the device's cooling system.

The G20CB will also offer 4 SSDs (not yet clear if this is in all configurations or built to order) for plenty of speedy storage, as well as USB 3.1 ports for up to twice the transfer speed of USB 3.0. Stay tuned to Tom's Guide for a full review of the Asus ROG G20CB to see how it stacks up against the competition.

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